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The treated animal gets a deep muscle massage and by suitable settings the horse feels pleasant during the treatment.

The horse is mostly relaxed, collaborates and often hangs it’s head downwards

During sport and other physical activities, the brain’s messages are transmitted to the muscle’s neuromuscular connection through the nerve-tract by electrical impulses. The Equery R6 EMS technology delivers electrical stimulation directly to the muscles causing them to contract and relax, just as they do during workout. EqueryOne combines synergistic effects of EMS, FES, microcurrent therapy and infrared heat therapy. Thanks to these it has a great variety of benefits and applications, such as:

  • Strengthening of muscles and tendons,

  • Decreased rehabilitation time after injury and surgery,

  • Improved range of motion due to reduced muscle tension,

  • Pain relief due to decreased spasticity of muscle,

  • Reduction in swelling and scar tissue during healing,

  • Re-education of muscle function to prevent further injury,

  • Reversal of muscle wasting.

One treatment session lasts between 45-60 minutes.

The skeletal muscles of the horse and blood vessels will be clearly visible. The horse drinks as much water as after a regular ~90-minute training.

The number of treatments depends on many factors. In case of injury rehabilitation it is strongly recommended to consult with a veterinarian about proper treatment. A maximum of 3 training sessions allowed per week with a minimum of 48-hour resting period between sessions.

Always ensure that the horse gets enough fresh water, sodium and nutrition for optimal health conditions.

On Equery R6 devices the impulse depth, frequency and intensity are adjusted automatically by carefully designed programs.

After just 4 weeks with 2 to 3 training sessions per week will result in visible changes (~10 sessions).

All breeds of horses can benefit from this unique treatment. This therapy improves the quality of healing, reduces recovery time and helps to build better condition. Each horse may need specially designed sessions. The Equery R6 provides solution for horses in strength training, in recovery training and rehabilitation.

Equery R6 helps to reduce muscle wasting, keeps healthy muscle functions and it is able to reverse muscle atrophy by producing better nerve conduction. It can help stabilizing core muscles and reducing back pain. EMS technology produce muscle movement to reduce adhesions during healing and re-educates muscle memory, prevents asymmetrical muscle movement.

The equipment must not be used by horses: with heart disease, cardiac pacemaker, metal implants, with a predisposition to epileptic seizures or fitting, acute injury, active bleeding, cancer, high fever, mare with foal, in case of lower motor neuron damage or any kind of skin problem.

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