Succes story in Endurance rehabilitation

Equery provides so many benefits for your horses recovery, rehabilitation and training abilities. In this testimonial you can see a clear stifle strain. Which we treated and improved in only two sessions.

In cases like this Equery provides: - relaxing the strained or soar muscle - re-creating muscle fibre - a non invasive and joint friendly way - 90% more effective rehabilitation - relieve on which it contributes to the horses moral state - improves the cardiac recovery time - metabolism boost so toxins get drained quickly and effectively - increase of the blood circulation in which it helps to prevent swollen suspensory ligaments NOTE: consistent trainings can also prevent colic disease, treat kissing spines and muscle atrophy.

With only 1 training the mare was able to walk better again and after 2 sessions she was fine and well. Thank you Abdulla Salem Alameri for your testimonial and your trust.

“Thank you so much for the help and the Equery device is super amazing! I really had a useful experience my mare got fine and well after 2 sessions only !”

- Abdulla Salem Alameri .

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