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How to Push Past Your Peak Performance

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Equery creates the opportunity to reach a training level beyond a manual training and increases training the muscle mass with 90% compared to regular training.

With it's unique deep muscle reach, Equery can even stimulate deep muscle tissues on a non invasive way. This prevents injury from happening and can be used in a passive or active way. The six highly developed programs grant you acces to a new dimensional training on a joint friendly scale.

“Push off symmetry is a must in jumping competition. Equery balances the horse after only a few sessions”

In one of our following blogs we will show you our testimonial of Longine champion David Coursier, who has been working with Equery since 2019. He managed to improve posture, symmetry, endurance and strength in only a few months instead of his usual results which he got after 1,5 year of training his horse manually.

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