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EQUERY finally in UAE

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

March 2020

In March 2020 we launched the unique Equery EMS technology in UAE. Founder and Managing Director - Michèle Thissen liked to share a word,

“Proud to bring this exclusive technology to the Middle East Equine market. As the first and exclusive dealer of this divine product, we are very happy to announce it on the UAE's market as from March 2020”

The launch faced minor set back due to Covid 19 and the cancellation of the Dubai International Horse fair and Worldcup, but nevertheless we managed to visit plenty of renowned stables such as Al Badr Stud, Al Hawajer Stud, Al Zobair stud, W'rsan Stables (Abu Dhabi), and many more...

Watch the video of one of our demo sessions.

“This new technology will lift the horse's training up to a new dimension. It's the most revolutionary, non-invasive and joint friendly way to train your horse and get massive results”

Due to the current situation we are resuming and pro-longing our demotour until further notice. In the meanwhile we customized our programs into online trainings as well did we manage to provide our support to give advanced trainings during summer for all stables that didn't manage to get their horses back to their European training facilities.

We hope to visit you soon!

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