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We are the first to present this US patented technology in the UAE as an official and exclusive distributor of the Equery EMS devices and the EMS training academy. 


The applied technology, patented by the owner of the company (EQUERY-Tech Ltd), is used in multiple NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) equipment globally in the sports-, rehabilitation and medical sectors. This patented technology is one of the most effective and safest solutions for NMES since 2010.

The EQUERY project was launched in 2015 and after several years of multinational testing and development, the EQUERY product is now available to the equine market.

For the best results, our team has applied the patented NMES technology into a multichannel system, whereby muscle stimulation can be achieved not only on a few spots, but on the whole body simultaneously; this is called Whole-Body NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (WB-NMES or WB-EMS). Thanks to this smart solution, EQUERY R6 device treats key muscle groups of the horse throughout the body synchronously and symmetrically. Whole-Body NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (WB-NMES), coupled with deep infrared heating technology, has been perfected for convenient and effective usage for horses at EQUERY throughout the years.

The EQUERY device consists of a special technical suit equipped with 6 electrode pairs and 2 nano-carbon infra panels for deep heat treatments and a modern temperature, voltage and frequency controlling wireless device system regulating the treatment process. The comfortable suit is made from durable and fit to purpose material that perfectly keeps the electrodes on the appropriate muscle groups, allowing both passive and active treatments, while the wireless devices are utilizing world class technologies, such as peer to peer wireless communication in a durable case from premium materials.

Founder and Managing Director UAE

I'm Michèle Thissen, Managing Director of Equery UAE based in Dubai. After having my own health institute back in Belgium, where I was working with EMS trainings, nutrition and rehabillitation, I came on a crossroad in life where I had to make the decission to stay in Belgium or go for an international career. Since I was born and raised in the horse world and entered competitions myself, it wasn't that hard for me to go ahead with this new opportunity and take a leap of faith. 

After traveling back and forth to UAE since 2015, I decided to finally move permanently and start up the business in 2019 to become distributor of the Equery devices in UAE. With the results I had with the EMS trainings in Belgium, I had to take this valuable and revolutionary technology to the Middle East Equine industry. 

Working with the brand since 2016, I set a solid and loyal foundation with my Belgian and Hungarian suppliers. 

I am proud to say we are the first and only company which provides this unique technology in the UAE. Equery is something for the revolutionary which resonates exactly with my core values such as fierce, innovative, determined, progressive and passionate. 

I'm very happy to be part of a team that shares the same values and lives up to the expectations. We see a bright future with Equery not only here but worldwide. 


Master Equery Trainer


Katherine Down, BSc (Hons) Equine Sports Therapist, joined the team as an official Equery Master Trainer. As an equine sports therapist, she has seen many horses that have muscle atrophy, muscle soreness or are even recovering from a tendon or ligament injury. With more than 6 years experience in the equine industry, she decided to partner up with Equery UAE. We believe that the right training and therapy combined with an equine expert to diagnose, is the most effective way to get the best results.

Not only is she an asset to our team, she is a very hardworking woman, with an honest point of view who is always optimistic. We love her energy and we are more than happy to work with her. 



Harriet Fortune

Professional in Equine sports science

“I can imagine Equery could fit in perfect while speeding up the rehab process. It would be very complimentary to my practices and to complete and further improve my work as well”

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